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Are rachel truehart and michael still dating Hook ups mombasa

I sometimes didn't feel like he was really there with me -- like he was somewhere else or something.

I didn't get that attentiveness feeling from him sometimes.

Rachel Truehart: Yeah, I had talked to her much earlier on in the season because we would all talk about our ex's sometimes. Rachel Truehart: Yeah, I really don't think that's unique. I mean, I think everyone's been through that where they're not over a past relationship.

We obviously had a lot of down time and we would talk about ex's and she had mentioned him and it was completely an ex-boyfriend. But you don't go hide in a hole and never date again, you know?

Reality TV World: When I talked to Emily, she said she saw red flags while dating Ben.

For example, she thought he wasn't very receptive or respectful of her opinions when she had confronted him about her Courtney concerns.

Shawntel said Jennifer Fritsch was the only bachelorette who was nice to her, so what was going through your mind at the time? I think because we all went into that -- we had some drama the first couple weeks and we finally had all started liking each other and really growing bonds.

I always felt like I was having to plead my case to him or something like that.That was actually in the routine, so I'm honestly not even sure why I was calling her tacky.(Laughs) I think maybe I was just getting a little caught up in the competition, which is bound to happen when you're on a date where you're facing elimination. I don't know what he was doing, but I don't know how it actually came about that they found out about him." She talks about the other girls a lot as well, I think. And so, I don't know why he really didn't see that she was kind of doing the same thing, and when we were on that group date and Nicki and Kacie B.-- we all talked about that -- talking to him before we actually did. I didn't really want to be the one to be like, "Don't fall for her." I was present for it but I wasn't really like actively saying, "Tread lightly," or whatever else was said.Rachel Truehart: You know, that was the first week where I started to see it in Courtney that something was a little bit off. We just kind of got along great in the beginning and then she pulled away and she was very [unintelligible] with me.I actually was one of very few girls that got along with her fine during most of the taping, and so, I didn't really have a problem with her. I was even a little bit like hurt by some of the things that I've seen her say.You get back out there and you go and try to move on and date somebody new and fall in love with somebody else.I don't think that's a very unique situation and I don't think it was necessary to butt in and have her leave the way she did. Reality TV World: You seemed upset, like most of the girls were, when Shawntel Newton returned to fight for Ben.I think that was also for me, that was the first time I started developing feelings for Ben, when I was on that group date in San Francisco.So, I think because I started to realize, "Okay, I really do have feelings for this guy.


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