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Since that 1948 screening, private companies, political organizations, individuals, and government agencies have made thousands of sex-ed films and videos targeting elementary, middle school, and high school students.

Sex education is arguably more closely tied to film than any other subject in public school.

In the interim, discussion of this crucial part of our cultural understanding of sexuality and relationships has been relegated pretty much to the offices of health educators and the conferences of right-wing political groups.

Maybe it feels old fashioned to analyze sex-ed films shown in schools when so much of young peoples’ education about sex comes from media that would never wind up on a teacher’s desk.

In 1922’s, male sexual desire is depicted as a stallion that can lead “masculine qualities which make men ambitious to strive and achieve” but which must be reined in.

But education gained in school comes with a certain significance, an elevated authority because it’s coming from an institution we imbue with trust.

In addition to erasing female sexual agency, sex-ed films for a long time represented only white children.

In early films, people of color were used as “others” whom the presumed white audience would observe.

The movie ends with the him about to commit suicide. “There were films used to portray pornographic situations since the beginning of film,” says Eberwein, in a recent interview.

was originally made as rather educational entertainment and screened to the public, but soon the U. “But what legitimized the use of film to discuss sexual topics was the fear of diseases.” Sex-ed and “hygiene” films were widely shown in public lecture halls as an educational experience for adults.


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