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Alicia banit dating

Dance Academy is produced by Joanna Werner's film company Werner Films Productions in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Screen Australia, Film Victoria, Film New South Wales and ZDF for Germany.As of August 2012 Casting for series one began in early 2009 in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.Ollie has to do this as he is on probation after "giving his opinion" on the Third Year tour.Ollie does not help Sammy very much at the start, but when Sammy reprimands him, Ollie sees that he has been a "douchebag" and a "tool" to Sammy.Dance Academy is narrated mainly from the perspective of Tara Webster (Xenia Goodwin), a newly accepted first year student at the National Academy of Dance in Sydney, which also doubles as a Year 10-12 high school for the dancers.Throughout the series, she learns to better her ballet technique, as well as learn contemporary ballet and hip-hop dance; while creating lifelong friendships and experiencing many hardships.

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Kat stretches the rules a lot and finds herself doing community service.

Kat helps Tara with Sammy to get Abigail to sign a changing rooms sheet, using various methods of torture to make Abigail sign.

Even if Kat and Abigail are somehow enemies, Kat still shows empathy towards Abigail sometimes and speaks with her when she encounters to body problems.

All cast members had to be skilled in drama and dancing and had to cope with Australia's best choreographers.

Filming began on 13 July 2009 and wrapped up in early November.


  1. Dance Academy - Season 2 Season 2 features Tara and the other students' second year at the Academy, and their efforts to achieve their dream representing Australia at.

  2. Xenia Goodwin is an Australian actress and dancer. Best Friend of Alicia Banit,Dena Kaplen. Lives in Sydney. Share. Biography. Xenia Goodwin's personal.

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