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Accomadating and modifying adhd students

These children represent the most challenging students in our classrooms today.

Teachers also need a variety of strategies that allow them to intervene effectively A student would behave if he or she could.Many of the adaptations that you make to your child care program will be simple.Often, the modifications will also benefit the other children in your child care program.Each child is different, and each delay or disability will require different modifications.Child care providers should gather as much information as you can about the child and the disability, and learn about typical modifications that can be made.He refuses to speak every time an unfamiliar adult enters the room.” Every behavior also has bookends: the environmental variables that occur prior to the unwanted behavior (the antecedents) and the response of the teacher and peers after the behavior.When trying to understand behavior, teachers need to notice these bookends.The following links can give you specific information on adapting the child care environment to meet the needs of children with certain types of disabilities.When you read this information, remember that every child and every disability are different.Some may be oversensitive to stress and have an overactive fight-or-flight response.Others may lack basic social skills that are needed to navigate an interaction with a peer, the flexibility to follow a demand like “clean up after your snack,” or the self-regulation to withstand an anxiety-producing task.


  1. If the student has been demonstrating an inappropriate behavior for years and lacks the necessary skills, it may take longer for her to change. We've had students stop. This means minimizing or accommodating things in the environment that tend to set off an incident of inappropriate behavior. By understanding what.

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